The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is a New York Times best seller and has sold over a million copies. And that says something.


John Gottman, though known for his incredible contribution to strengthening couple relationships, is actually a mathematician – hence the vast amount of research. He and his team have have conducted studies over the last 40+ years that have contributed greatly to the way we understand what works, and doesn’t, for couples. His wife Julie Schartz-Gottman, a clinical psychologist who works with couples, has been pivotal in translating the research into therapeutic strategies. Together they continue to form a powerful team in directing the work of couple therapy.

In The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work couples are guided through straight-forward practical activities that can be used to improve relationships. 

This is a great book for any couple. Whether you’re new in a relationship and looking for skills to do things better or you’re a couple with a long history, if you’re looking for a good place to start on strengthening your relationship this is one of my ‘must reads’.