Hi, my name’s Anne Carter. I’m a Clinical Counsellor, Registered Nurse and the mum of three kids who are now in their 20s. Over the years I’ve learnt so much that I wish I’d known right back at the beginning of my parenting journey and that’s why I’m really passionate about supporting couples who have young children or couples who are expectant, or even couples who are planning a family.


Back when I was pregnant, I had great pregnancy care. We went to birthing classes and how-to-look-after-your-baby-when-you-get-home-from-hospital classes, and we did infant first aid as well. And all of those things were really valuable. But what I’ve realized is that there was a huge gap.


We were completely unprepared for the emotional and relational shifts that were part and parcel of becoming parents. Unfortunately, our experience is not unusual. The reality is that while starting a family can be absolutely fantastic; there can be so much joy, the reality is that nearly 70% of couples say that they don’t feel as close; that the quality of their relationship isn’t as good, or that their conflict is greater than it was before Bub came along.


So beyond a safe pregnancy and delivery, what we really want is to have a strong, healthy family. That’s what we’re really wanting to create. It’s not just about having a baby, it’s about creating that strong family. And this is not only important for you. Being able to look after your relationship and your own emotional well-being is the best gift that you can give your child as well.


So let me tell you about a program that I’m really excited to be running. It’s called the Bringing Baby Home program, and it’s been developed by the relationship experts John and Julie Gottman. It’s research-based and research-tested, and it’s for anyone planning a family, expecting a baby or for parents of children up to three years of age. Through the program, you’ll learn how to strengthen your own friendship; the friendship between the two of you as a parent; as parents, how to deal effectively with conflict and how to work effectively as a parenting team.


You also learn the skills for communicating with your little one. You’ll learn how to recognise the psychological and emotional needs of your child as well as the physical needs. I know that I said it before, but I’m going to say it again because it’s just so important… Looking after your own relationship is pretty much the best gift that you can give your child. Children whose parents establish a strong foundation do better in school, do better socially and are physically and emotionally healthier as well.

Relationships between the two of you, and between you and your child are just too important to leave to chance. I know that our family would have really benefited from a program like this.

Signing up is an investment that can pay amazing dividends not just for now, but for many, many years to come. And it’s easier to do something now rather than wait until problems emerge later on. I run the Bringing Baby Home program either face to face on weekends or as an evening program in sessions over 4 weeks.


I’d absolutely love for you to be part of it and I hope that you’ll sign up now.



e. counselling@welloflife.com.au

p. 0432 99 88 31